Typical menu

For the last 25 years, every morning our pizza chef has taken delicious bread sticks out of the oven, ready to make tasty bruschettes.
Bruschettes with oil, garlic, tomato, Bruschettes with gorgonzola cheese, Bruschettes with olive patè, Bruschettes with lard.
Piatto unico: a dish with an assortment of many local traditional flavours from Tignale - polenta made with local yellow maize flour, porcini (cep) mushrooms and the popular pestom ( characteristic fresh pork mincemeat as used in salami, cooked slowly on the grill).
Grilled salted beef with tasty Borlotti kidney beans. Tender steaks sliced thinly, cooked on the grill and dressed with organic olive oil from Tignale; we suggest you try them with our special Borlotti beans - a fantastic combination. The success of this dish lies in the care we take in the preparation of the brine in which we marinate the meat for about two weeks, the time necessary for it to have the particular flavour that makes this dish so tasty but not salty.
Tremosine cheese Tortelloni  served with butter and sage.


 Tagliatelle with salmì of rabbit sauce. Copying an old recipe used by grandmothers, we cook the rabbit slowly making an excellent salmì that we serve as a sauce with our fresh tagliatelle pasta, made using eggs. 

Garganelli "AL TORCHIO" Recipe invented by our ambitious chef: a simple fresh pasta dish served with tomatoes, cubes of Parma ham and thyme, which smells wonderful and tastes really good.