Smell the fragrance of home-made desserts, cut a moist cake or sink your spoon into a creamy sweet you just need a little know-how, fantasy and of recipes to please the most demanding.

Our desserts offer a touch of originality combined with tradition. The most popular of our desserts is definitely tiramisù, creamy and inviting, freshly made every day with the best ingredients.

The "oro saiwa" sweet , a recipe rediscovered by the mother of the owner, we call grandmother lucia's cake: this dessert is made from oro saiwa biscuits and a delicious sauce of coffee cream.

The classic but eternal torta di mele, is always on our menu and appreciated by all, served warm and with a light touch of icing sugar.

Much requested and enjoyed is our walnut and hazelnut cake: a soft mixture and strong flavour, perfect if accompanied by a glass of sweet moscato white wine.
And then panna cotta, crème brulè, lemon sorbet, truffle ice cream but the "parigine" are particularly worthy of a mention, bitter cherries without their stones, preserved in spirit - the perfect end to a pleasant evening.