New 2017
pizza with wholemeal flour

Where once the local bus service, which still connects Tignale to Gargnano and Salò, stopped after its daily run, today they make delicious pizzas; where there was once an old cellar where the old people of the village used to gather, is now an attractive and charming “taverna”.


The “Al Torchio” pizzeria and restaurant (so-called because of the century-old renovated wooden grape press (torchio) now located in the veranda of the restaurant) is situated in the historical centre of Tignale.

The veranda has recently been renovated and enclosed so that it can be used even in winter.

There is a happy family atmosphere in the restaurant. which contributes to the popularity and general approval of “Al Torchio”; it is particularly known for its delicious and wonderfully fragrant pizzas, cooked in the wood-fuelled pizza oven.

The restaurant offers a selection of typical traditional dishes to meet the needs of its clients, a vast assortment of salads and bruschettas made from home-baked bread and cooked in the pizza oven. Workers lunches are served here at reasonable prices.

The pizzeria-restaurant “Al Torchio” conforms to the European hygiene laws (HACCP) and is subject to regular inspections for hygiene and quality control.